Sunday, February 3, 2013

What is current status of Mission to save girl child in India?

In last year during the month of June, July and August, Government of India acted drastically. In Maharashtra, there were raids on Sonography centers and MTP centers. Electronic and paper media was very much busy and active to publish the news related and regarding raids and actions on sonologist and on obstetricians.
Later on various social organizations started organizing open discussion and campaign on ‘save the girl child’. Radios are also not behind in this campaign.
Ultimate result of all this is that majority of population is now aware of the fact that pre-conceptional  selection of foetus is punishable offense.
But is the mentality of male dominant society is started to change is the real question.
Otherwise after some period the silent criminals will again start this inhumane activity.
So the real task even today is counseling the people of all classes and aim should be to motivate them all to join the mission to save girl child.

It has been seen that in last 10 years this mission is behaving in wave pattern. Once it relapses takes some period to reappear again. Instead the need is to activate mission on each and every aspect in a pulse manner on continuous constant level.
This is what one of our advisers of team from Mission save a girl campaign advised to all.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Save the girl child…Want to write essay on Mission to stop female foeticide?

स्त्रीभ्रून हत्या प्रतिबन्ध अभियान ...ह्या विषयावर निबंध लिहायचा आहे का?
Mission save the female child is one of the hot social issues now a day.
Here are some points enumerated so as to cover each and every aspects of mission save the girl / female child in India.
1. Introduction - Female foeticide is one of major issue among social problems in India.
2. Background of ill social customs and traditions in India. For e.g. – satichi chal.सतिची चाल 
3. Statistics of declining female sex ratio.
4. Social mentality – Male dominant society.
5. Social imbalance due to decline in female sex ration and likely disaster in future.
6. How inhuman is to kill selected female foetus in utero / womb!
7. What are different steps to tackle this situation?
8. What is the mission save the female child in India?
9. Focus on various laws and punishments.
10. Appeal to participate and to be positive on mission.

(Kindly read different aspects posted in this web/Blog for reference)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Doctors should be treated like leaders in mission save the Girl child in India.

The first person to whom the newly married couple consults is a doctor…The first person who can play a role of counselor to save girl in India is a doctor…And so without involvement of doctors…Mission save the girl child has no bright future.
How can one forget that medical profession has played the key role to promote two kids family norms in society. How one can neglect the ongoing efforts of nursing staff for promoting eligible couple for family planning operation and for all various family planning activities.
Is it not sad to try…and to find the solution to social and health related issue with out the help of health related person in society?
This was the remark made by a dedicated senior Doctor from Mission save the Girl.
Exceptionally few sonologist and obstetricians were involved in prenatal sex determination and female foetal termination and due to this reason the whole medical profession is being targeted and treated like professional culprits…This is just unfair…He added.

Monday, July 18, 2011

How can you kill me?

The foetus of female sex having risk of termination screamed when she realized this fact that her parents with the help of Doctors are gong to terminate her life.
She shouted…Mom…Dad…Listen to me…
The Doctor who has done Sonography and opened door of death to me was unknown to me…and for that sonologist I was nobody.
The obstetrician to which you both took me to get termination of my life was aware that I am a female…How can that Doctor be so cruel to accept this responsibility…Does that Doctor do not having any daughter, sister or mother in her life?
For Both these Doctors I was nobody but for both you I was your blood, part of your tissue…Then also how can you decided to throw me in well of death?
जब गर्भ को ये पता चला की वो एक लड़की हैं...और ईसलीये उसकी जिंदगी को खतरा हैं...तो वो डर के मारे चीख उठी.
वो चिल्लाई...ममी...डयाडी...मेरी बात सुनो...
सोनोग्राफी करनेवाले डॉक्टरने...मेरी मौत का दरवाजा खोला...
वो सोनोग्राफी करनेवाला डॉक्टर मेरा कौन था?... कोई नहीं था.
जिस डॉक्टर ने मुझे ख़त्म करने की ढाणी...वो इतना निर्दयी और जालीम कैसे हो सकता हैं?... क्या उसके घर में बेटी, बेहन, माँ नहीं हैं?
चलो छोड़ो...ईन दो डॉक्टर के लीये मैं कौन थी? ...कोई नहीं...मैं उनकी क्या लगती थी?....कोई नहीं.
लेकिन आप तो मेरे अपने थे...मैं तो तुम्हारे कलेजे की टुकड़ी थी...तो फिर तुमने कैसे मुझे मौत के कूवेंमें धकलनेका मन बना लिया?...
एक पल के लीये भी नहीं सोचा?

This was the emotional imaginary dialogues shared by one of our friends from ‘Mission save the Girl’     

These things can be very well utilized for counseling of people with old traditional minds.

Jab garb ko ye pata chal ki wo ek ladaki hain aur usaki jindagi ko dhoka hain…to wo dar se chila uthi. Wo chilayi…Sonography karanewale doctor ne meri maut ka darwaja khola…Sonography karanewala doctor mera kauntha? Koyi nahi tha. Jis doctor ne mujhe khatm karane ki jimewari li…wo itna nishtur kaise ho sakata hain? Kya uske ghar me beti , behan , ma nahi hain? Ye dono doctoronke liye main kaun thi? Koyi

Sunday, July 10, 2011

स्त्रीभ्रुण हत्या करणारा कळवा आणि एक करोड रुपये मिळावा..Inform the name of a person doing female feticide and get reward worth rupees 1 karod (10Million)

‘Inform person suffering from small pox and get worth rupees one lakh’…This was the announcement made by Government of India forty years back. Now a valuation of that amount is defiantly more than a karod.
If the slogan like ‘award of attractive amount to a person who will inform the names of persons planning to have prenatal foetal sex determinations aiming to have a boy’…Will it work in favor of mission save the girl?
One should think on such things…how effectively can it work?
The only problem here is small pox was the disease which could be detected easily but to find the culprit person involving in killing female foetus are difficult to identify.
But the way by which the cases of corruption are handled…these things can also be easily trapped by investigation burrow if some one from society comes forward to give such information to an authority.  
This was the opinion of one dashing personality from ‘Mission save the Girl’.
देवीच्या रोग्याची माहिती देईल त्याला जर एक लाख रुपये बक्षीस होते...तर स्त्री भ्रुण हत्या रोखण्यासाठी बक्षीस का असू नये?
कोणी सांगितलय, एखादे प्रामाणिक डॉक्टर सुद्धा रुग्णाच्या नातेवाईकांचे नाव सांगून असे बक्षीस मिळवेल.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

स्त्रीभ्रुण हत्या करणारे डॉक्टर देव होते...Doctors involved in Female feticides were God.

Due to PNDT act and awareness of it to majority of Doctors…Prenatal sex determination by Sonography is almost extinct.
The couple having strong belief in concept of family tree…vanshacha diva…was used to finds a center of Sonography doing prenatal sex determination. In case of female foetus, they also used to find a MTP center to terminate female foetus.
For such couples money was not the matter…and Doctors helping them were God for them.
And surprising thing was that these Doctors were also proud to be called as God.
This is the observation of our senior Family Physician Doctor friend.
When people will ban the Doctors involved in prenatal sex determinations…Then only there will be some hope to Mission save the Girl...He added.

Friday, July 8, 2011

बेटी बचावो...बात करना आसन हैं...Easy to Talk on Save the Girl

For persons having one of the issues as a boy it is very easy to talk on the need to implement the Mission save the girl child…but what about the couples having one or two girls and keen to have a boy?

For persons who do not believe in old tradition of family tree it is acceptable to have one or two daughter…but what about old traditional minded people?
Is there any person who can find a better solution for such peoples?
It is easy to talk on issue for who has finished their reproductive life…
But what about newly married couples? They want first baby as Male…

The efforts should be done to enter in to minds and hearts of people to see what their mentality and emotions are and what are the reasons behind such mentality and emotions…And then only one can step rightly forward towards changing old traditional minds…so as to save girls in India.
Just to give speech is easy but to work at ground level is difficult task.
This was the comments made by one of our members from ‘Mission save the Girl’ on mentality of society in India.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

मुलीची काळजी घेतली जाते...Girls are cared in India.

Couple cared preterm low birth female newborn.
In recent days…A preterm low birth weight girl child (newborn) was shifted for intensive care to a pediatrician.
Due to low birth weight the child has to be kept for more than ten days in incubator.
This was the first issue to couple.
The parents took complete efforts to save a girl baby by arranging finance irrespective of their middle economical class.
This was nice experience shared by our Doctor.  
मुलगी वाचवा अभियान श्री व सौ पाटील यांचे हार्दिक अभिनंदन करते...
‘Mission save the Girl’ admires...Jayashree & Vaibhav Patil (Khopoli - Maharashtra)…And gives Best wishes to baby Girl ‘Shreyashi’.
Mr & Mrs Patil will never think of selecting sex of second issue…Male or female…They will accept it…We are optimistic on Mission save the girl.
(There are may be few such cases in past also but we are highlighted this case to slap the mentality of people aborting female fetus.)
Love and affection of parents and relatives towards first female child indicates that the ‘Mission Save a Girl’ will have to be discontinued in short period. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

अवास्तव महत्व नको...Unnecessary shout on save the Girl child in India.

Today all society is demoralized. All people are money oriented facing deadly competition. Computerization has changed the sentiments of peoples. . .
In India there are so many problems like…corruption, black money, dowry, suicides, poverty, various types of crimes.
Among many problems there is very little attention on decreased female sex ratio.
Rather it is neglected issue by general people at present.
If no one is able to find solution to any of the above problem…why is to worry on decreased female sex ratio?
If no one can ban things like alcohol or tobacco…Why unnecessary shout on save a Girl?
Let the people choose what is better for them.
People them selves will find solution to their problem when they will realize severity of it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Don’t Kill Female Foetus…स्त्री भ्रूण हत्या करू नका...Campaign should be made active step by step.

Counseling is the only effective method in Mission save the Girl campaign.
At Level One…Sonologist and Obstetricians should be called for panel discussion like activity by local authority.
Main task should be counseling of Doctors on necessity of stopping prenatal sex determination on human ground followed by provision of act. There should be open discussion so as to know the problems of Doctors also.
Only act will not suffice…Doctors should be treated as the leaders in Mission save the Girl campaign…Rather Doctors should be motivated to inform the name of couples likely going for prenatal sex determination.
On second level all rest of the Doctors and on third level rest of the paramedical staff should be covered in same manner.
This activity should be done on monthly basis till complete awareness in society.
This was the final conclusion of our team on Practical approach to Mission save the Campaign till the date.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

वंशाचा दिवा हवाच हा हठ्ठहास का?...Boy is must…No to Girl.

एका मुली नंतर मुलगाच पाहिजे...नाही तर प्रेताला कोण अग्नी देईल ?....पिंडदान कोण करेल?
मेल्यानंतर चितेला अग्नी द्यायला मुलगा हवा...आणि जिवंत स्त्री गर्भाचा जन्मापूर्वी अंत करत आहात त्याचे काय?
पहिल्या मुलावर परत मुलगाच झाला तर चालतो...मुलगी अजिबात नसली तरी  चालेल...
कन्यादानाचे पुण्य मिळणार नाही...हे ते सोयीस्कररित्या विसरतात.
Old traditional belief has hypnotized mine of majority of people so strong that it is very difficult to change their thinking easily.
Need is to work on ground level

Friday, July 1, 2011

स्त्री भ्रुण हत्या रोखण्यास देव देखील हतबल झाले...God has also no role in prevention of female foeticides.

On one hand number of people visiting pilgrimage is increasing day by day and on other hand humanity of society is vanishing fast.
Many people visit God with intention to have Boy as coming or present  issue…And simultaneously visit Doctor for prenatal sex determination and make their mind for termination of pregnancy if foetus is of sex female.
अजून ही काही जुन्या विचारांचे लोक देवाला नवस बोलतात...मुलगाच होऊ दे म्हणून साकडे घालतात.
आणि थोडे स्वताला पुढारलेले शिक्षित लोक देवस्थानाला भेट देतात आणि नंतर सोनोग्राफीसाठी डॉक्टर शोधतात.
देवाला पाया पडून स्त्री भ्रुण हत्येसारखे कृत्य करत असलेल्या लोकांना म्हणावे तरी काय? 

मनाचा शोध...Need to find minds killing female feotus.

Sonography is the first weapon by which the real act of murder of female feotus starts.
To target Sonography centers is okay but it is like the choosing the short cut way in Mission save the Girl campaign.
Basic need is to find the master minds behind this criminal offense…which is provoking minds of innocent to choose the option of prenatal sex determination.
Need also is to find the minds of money oriented Doctors doing illegal and unethical practice of prenatal sex determination.
Are these people requires counseling by well known psychologist?
Will the thoughts of socially devoted persons help to change such minds?
लाचलुचपतीच्या विळख्यात अडकलेल्या भ्रष्ट समाज व्यवस्थेत...इनटरनेट च्या ह्या जगात...मनाचा शोध...ही एक कवी कल्पना तर राहिली नाही ना?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Tele film on Mission save the Girl…Such Campaign is must.

Till today there is no brief advertisement or no any film on campaign of Mission save a Girl by any TV channel.
No single TV channel has come with such type of activity till the date…except occasional inclusion on National channel.
National channel broadcasts advertisement of family planning program and agriculture products in between news…but the real need is do campaign of Mission save the Girl.
To include small clip on Mission save the Girl through television media will be the one of the effective ways to prevent targeted Female foeticide in India.
काही न्यूज च्यानल्स ग्रहण, राशी, भविष्य ह्या विषयांवर बराच वेळ वाया घालवत आहेत...पण मुलगी वाचवा अभियानाकडे त्यांचा काना डोळा आहे...हे असे का?

Controversies are not good for Mission save the Girl Campaign.

Recently there was news regarding threat by radiologist to stop doing obstetric Sonography if Government does not stop to harass them on various grounds.
It is the fact that few Sonography centers are banned on account of lacunae in keeping records recently. The truth is that this action is according to PNDT act which is known to all sonologist.
So where is the question of wrong action?
Sonologist have to keep all records in prescribed manner. No excuse on that account.
The point raised by radiologist of having more Obstetrician doing Sonography is just unfair…as emergency obstetric Sonography can save the life of foetus and mother also.
And for emergency obstetrics Radiologists are not helpful except in few Institutes where they are available round the clock.
Main surprising fact is that when Sonography was newly introduced to medical profession, it was made available to Obstetricians before Radiologist in many Government Big Institutions.
This was remark of our senior obstetrician friend.
Any type of such controversial issue should be avoided and should be solved by discussion with proper authorities as Controversies are bad for progress of Mission save the Girl Campaign.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

स्त्री भ्रुण हत्या कायदाच रोखू शकतो...Law only will prevent female foeticide in India.

सतीची चाल ही  द्रुष्ट प्रथा बंद व्हावी म्हणून जनजागृती करण्याचे थोर काम अनेक समाजसेवकांनी केले पण सतीची चाल ही कायद्याच्या बडग्यानेच बंद झाली.  
And on that historical aspect one can draw a conclusion that irrespective of social awareness campaign…Female foeticide will be stopped by Law and its implementation.
But the sad part of it is that Government authority is targeting only Doctors…Why the relatives accompanied are unnoticed?
News of red and seal on particular Sonography centers is darkly highlighted by media…But…Why the news of provisional arrest of accompanied persons has not published till the date…Because such things do not takes place…nor the efforts to do so are taken till the date.
This was the opinion of our Senior Doctor friend.

Well educated people are not behind in killing female foetus before birth.

Does education and modernization teach us to become inhumane?
People from all class of society are anxious to get prenatal sex determination after first female issue…poor withdraws their mind due to expenses…Middle social economical people manages to arrange money and so called modern…highly qualified…mostly are the people choosing option to go for prenatal sex determination and having no problem to destroy female foetus before the birth with ease.
The sad part is that well educated people also not behind in performing such criminal offence.
One senior social worker threw light on the facts.
शिक्षणाचा व सुसंकृत असण्याचा तसा काही संबध नाही हे पुन्हा एकदा सिद्ध झाले आहे.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

F M रेडिओ पे बेटी बचाव आन्दोलन की शुरुवात...Campaign to Save the Girl is active on FM radio.

All the Doctors including who are running Sonography centers are aware of provision of a punishable law since last ten years…Has it helped to minimize the female foetal loss?
The honest answer is…No.
On FM radio the short advertisement is being broadcasted…now days… Highlighting the provision of punishable prenatal sex determination law.(PNDT act)
The publicity of act and provision of punishment for the person doing or involved in prenatal sex determination are the main impacts of such advertisements.
But…Will the people respond to such advertisements?
Here the answer is…Yes.
More than ninety percent of people now a day are used to hear FM in car.
Constant bombarding of this advertisement all the time will work on long term basis…And this will be proved as the right way towards campaign of Mission save the Girl
जन जागृती हा मुलगी वाचवा अभियानाचा पाया आहे....कायद्याची अंमल बजावणी करण्यात अडचणी येत असताना...जन जागृती सारखा चांगला पर्याय नाही.

Ban all private Sonography & MTP centers…सर्व खाजगी सोनोग्राफी व गर्भपात केंद्र बंद करा.

Thirty years back when there were no Sonography facility available…Obstetrician were judging the condition of their patients by their clinical skill.
Now this facility is provoking inhume nature in innocent people and money minded Doctors…
Then why not to ban private Sonography centers?
Sonography & MTP centers should be made available in Government set ups only.
If Government promises to run Sonography & MTP centers effectively with out interruptions and with adequate staff…and also see to that these centers will be in functioning conditions through out…for twenty four hours a day…Then no one should have objection.
Private Doctors have option to refer their patients for Sonography and for medical termination of pregnancy to such centers.
With an eye on such centers Government authority can effectively prevent prenatal sex determination and targeted termination of female feotus.
This is the suggestion of our honest Obstetrician friend.
I can not see the havoc created by Sonography machines…and I am willing to sacrifice any thing to prevent this…He added.
हव्यातच कशाला खाजगी सोनोग्राफी व गर्भपात केंद्र?
बंद करा सर्व...
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